I been wanting to write this comparison for so long about two same but very different eyelash enhancements. I have had both to start off I did eyelash extensions for years before everyone was so into them. I loved how much easier it made my life back before I was married. I remember the first time I got them; the lash artist was suprised how young I was ( around 19-20) She told me usually old women get these done here or people with horrible lashes. Its funny how they become so popular with women these days and some people get them done on the regular. While I loved how my lashes looked, all that volume and length it added. I absolutely always hated that I couldn’t rub my eyes when I wash off my make up at night. Also the fact that they only last about 3 weeks to a month. Dont get me wrong I love getting my eyelashes done for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or trips. But as a must have to everyday essentails I would have to pass. Now strip lashes I absolutely love! You may notice I wear them quite a bit because to me they are so easy to apply, still gives me that beautiful effect of long, volumized lashes but the best part for me is taking them off at night! Which are you? a must have eyelash extensions girl or lash strips ?




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