Happy Monday! as you guessed by the title this year my oldest started kindergarten! I knew last year that I didnt want my child to start preschool and loved that I got to spend another year with her before she officially had to start school. Of course I know to some parents they had no choice but to have their kids start pre-k for work reasons or another. For me I decided to be a stay at home mom and consider myself lucky to have that extra time with my kids at this age for them. I truly believe that kids need their parents at this sweet young age, That also gave me enough time to prepare myself and her before she started kindergarten.

Last week was her first day of school and I personally love this new change but we are definitely adjusting ; getting up earlier, making lunch and driving my child to school. For my daughter she absolutely loves school and I am so grateful that she got an amazing teacher to help her learn and grow. This stage of my life I thought would be hard for me but honestly everything turned out the way it should have. Are you a first time school mom? or dont have any in school yet? What are some of your experiences you had? Or worries?


Libby Voloshin (libbysstyle)


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