Happy Tuesday guys! I finally found some time to do a quick blog post for you guys on amazon. If you didn’t know I have an amazon storefront where I link all my favorite finds link here —-> http://www.amazon.com/shop/libbysstyle and continue adding things so keep on the look out for more useful everyday products and splurges, However I noticed some of the skincare I ordered was either old or expired so I won’t be purchasing those types of products from amazon anymore and will delete those off of my storefront. For beauty products I will continue to get them from trusted retailers like Sephora or Nordstrom or directly from the brands site. I added some more products for really good prices and noticed Amazon has really stepped up their game with all the wonderful products they offer on there. One of my favorite things is that they have a membership called Amazon Prime where you get 2 day shipping and other cool perks like extra savings from Whole Foods, free amazon music streaming with over 2 million songs with no ads and Amazon originals, movies & Tv shows! I went through and added more apparel for summer and for your home. Below I have linked some of the things that I ordered and will show a “haul” on my Instagram stories soon and let you know if it is worth buying.

This is such a cute basic top and its under $10! I am shocked at the price. (again I will do a story on my first impression of all these products I link in this post.)

I like these long skirts to wear to church especially that summer is around the corner. I usually opt in for shorter skirts because of my height (5’4) but it looks super comfortable and it comes in many colors (this isn’t the color I got it in you will have to see when I get it)

This dress really stood out to me, the shape and the way its designed looks like it would be super comfortable and cute. I don’t own anything leopard (trendy right now) so this will be my first purchase with this type of print. Do you prefer leopard print or cheetah print?

These 14k Yellow Gold filled Round ball studs are the perfect everyday earrings especially in the summer. I probably will be rocking these and hoops all summer!

Okay for beauty/ skincare and self care products if you know me Im a do-it-yourself type of girl. Not that I can’t go get it done professionally but I feel like I know what I like best and when I go get anything done professionally they have their own vision of what they like and I honestly like to avoid all that extra stress and having to redo anything so I just do it myself and if I don’t like it I have no-one else to blame hehe. I have seen two infulensters’s rave about this particular brand so I wanted to try for myself.

Coffee Cups! of all the colors they offer white has to be my favorite! I have found these really promising perfect size (10 oz) and you get six per set. So these are high quality famous coffee shop cups used in Starbucks, Lavazza, and Coffee Bean & Tea leaf just to name a few. So excited for these!

Last but not least I got this book recommended from the MOMS group I am a part of. This book basically helps you understand how to study the bible. This would be a perfect book if you are part of a book group!

If you have any thing you have been eyeing but are unsure of getting let me know and maybe I will try it out and another link to my Amazon Storefront here–> http://www.amazon.com/shop/libbysstyle




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