Happy Friday! I wanted to blog about an amazing company I collaborated with a couple of months ago. Smile Brilliant which is a system that is exactly what you would get at a professional dentist office! Just less expensive. They have regular teeth whitening kits and if you have sensitive teeth they offer whitening kits for that too! I went with the regular. Once I received the kit in the mail, It comes with dental impression materials and you basically mold your teeth; top and bottom and send it out. Then wait in the mail for your custom fitted whitening trays for a better and more efficient teeth whitening experience. You keep it on from one hour to up to three hours. I left it on when I was cleaning or putting my kids to nap or before going to bed. You notice your teeth get whiter after every use! I definitely had a great experience and do recommend smile brilliant. I am a regular coffee drinker and my teeth are still white because this is the only whitening company with a desensitizing gel that replenishes natural minerals in the teeth and presents new surface stains from forming. Its small enough to put in your purse for when traveling or even wear when doing errands.

Now for the exciting news…We are going to do a giveaway for one lucky winner to receive a kit for free! Click link to enter! Giveaway link:

Must submit name and email address on the giveaway page in order to enter! The winner will be selected and contacted via email 2 weeks after the post is live. Giveaway is for $149 credit and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

And for those of you who would like to purchase right away, I have a 10% off code for you guys: libbysstyle at check out! Click here to go directly to the site –>
Home Teeth Whitening

And Lastly Good Luck!



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