Something everyone looks forward to every year…Vacation! I know I do. Its been a minute since me and my husband actually had a vacation nearly two years if not longer aside from weddings and weekend getaways with our two wonderful children. So I put together some of my must haves for when I do travel.These things I always, always pack. Tooth brush, Deodorant, Hair brush, straightening iron ( I have naturally wavy/curly hair) Razor,socks ( you can never have enough of those), Make-up, fancy travel size beauty products,headphones, snacks for when I am on the plane. I love sour patch kids! somehow the best candy to fly with and snack on in the theaters. This year I wanted to also pack something healthier I recently been snacking on the Larabar chocolate hazelnut flavor are my favorite.



make up remover

cotton pads


hair brush

hair straightner




make up

And of course accessories! You are probably wondering why I haven’t included a travel pillow? I hate carrying more stuff than needed. The less bags the better ( as long as everything I need fits in my carry on.. hehe) What are some of your must haves?



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