Hey Guys! Thanks for coming back to read about my journey to get “me ” back after having kids. I will start my with a couple years back In 2013, I married my husband and 3 months later we learned we were expecting our first child. It was surreal and we were so excited also kinda of scared for the whole new experience and how it would feel to be pregnant and carry a child but very happy with the blessing that was on her way.

I was so lucky not to have any morning sickness and Thank God for that. I had an amazing pregnancy and soon our first bundle of joy arrived July 2014. After I had her I was so shocked to look at my post pregnancy body. I left the hospital looking 5 months pregnant and didn’t know what to think of it but was reassured that it will go back to normal soon enough. And was told not to do any kind of exercise until I 6 week post partum check up. I was so excited and couldn’t wait till than.

They flew by and I started going back to the gym and realized it was so much harder for me to get back into shape but I continued to go and saw very little results. My daughter was about 10 months when we learned again we were expecting our second child and I continued to go to the gym until my stomach was visible. We found out we were having a boy and we were so excited! God blessed us with what we wanted. First our beautiful girl and than our baby boy.

After I had him January 2016. He would only breastfeed and would not take bottle or have me use formula so I had to continue eating more than usual for me to keep my milk supply for him until he turned one so any kind of healthy eating would make my supply decrease and I had to eat more carbs and healthy fats to maintain my milk for my nursing baby. After he turned one I was so excited to ween him off and not do it full time but only for nap time and at night.

I got to eat how I normally eat but was so hard for me to shed the extra pounds until I found @teamiblends-blog tea! I was skeptical to try it but knew I needed to detox. Instantly I felt like I was slowly getting my body back and so glad I did it because it helped me jumpstart my journey to get my body back I did workout but didn’t see major results and didn’t feel like myself . Of course I eat clean and exercise but the detox really helped me clean out my system and made me feel like me again. If you feel like your not yourself and want to get healthier naturally go get a detox at http://www.teamiblends.com. Use code: “LIBBY10” for 10 % OFF! Trust me it works! All that bad and processed food you ate over the years got stored in your body and the only way to get rid of it is by detoxing. I hope this gave you some inspiration. Let me know your journey or any challenges you had? And what motivated you.

Libby V.

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